Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love theatre, i love acting and i love being in front of an audience. Do you really think that theatre is strictly more feminine than art or animation. I mean i believe that it is all the same, it just so happens that a lot more feminine guys would choose theatre over art because of their interest. So now the question is: Is someone behavior directly influencial by their sexuality or masculinity?
Feel free to respond to my question!
I like to hear other people's opionions

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  1. How can theatre be a measurement of femininity when some of the hottest, and manliest, men are in the show biz? I think it's just that in high school, theatrical guys tend to be more eccentric. (Same for girls). And it's just the portrayal of eccentric guys as metrosexual and/or gay. And go work on your grammar, fool D<