Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What is love to me? I think love might as well be the meat in a subway sandwhich, the mochi you put in yogurtland yogurt, the spotlight during a monologue, or even the momentary glances at each other during a passing period. Love, why does it have to be hidden, is it the fear of rejection, or just the embarrasement of knowing the truth. Well for me it's not just this, my life is a risky game, and when it comes down to the bare facts that i'm (well if you know than you know), then it just makes it even harder than it already is. Love is the struggle for an identity, the difference between standing alone and having a shoulder to lay on, the wind that gives flight to my heart so that it isn't left on an empty platform where all the other heart have already taken off. Yes! I would like to be in love, but it's hard when even a bit of strength can't be gathered to ask a single question.

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